The Sony A7R Arrived

FedEx just delivered my new Sony A7R. I used to be excited when I got new stuff, but no more. Ever since I started this endeavor, I order new cameras to try them out and write about them and reserve my judgment for a later date. Unlike before this site, I now don't order cameras because I necessarily want them. So it is with the Sony. I'm pretty sure it's going to impress me with image quality, but I have no clue about the rest and I have enormous doubts about adopting a camera with so few native lenses available for it, especially from a brand that hasn't been known to stick with a model line for eternity.

Anyway, I unpacked the Sony. Packaging is okay, but nothing to write home about for a camera costing $2,300. Apparently the manual is as bad inside as it looks on the outside. I'll find out. Sony gives us the pleasure of receiving a new camera with a depleted battery. And without a standalone charger, about as cheap a move as Olympus shipping expensive lenses without hoods.

The USB cable from the adapter to the camera is short, very short, so I had to put the camera on either a bathroom or kitchen counter to be able to charge it without having to search for an extension cord. But now my camera is charging. If I keep the camera, I'll buy a standalone charger and extra batteries.


Funny thing was that Sony and FedEx had notified me that the camera was going arrive yesterday, but that was before the lens was shipping. Then I got an email from both that the lens was shipping and suddenly the camera was delayed by one day. But at least I did get the 35mm f/2.8 lens at the same time as the camera it fits on.

My current plans are to shoot with that 35mm on the A7R and also try the Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH I got recently. I've rented the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART lens for my Nikon D800e to compare the output of that combo against the Sony. I'll write about my findings here.

For now, while the camera is still charging, I continue working on my post dealing with the online confusion on how well or how badly Leica M lenses are performing on the Sony A7/A7R. That post should appear later today or sometime tomorrow.

By John van Rosendaal