Photographing the 2015 New York Auto Show

It is that time of the year that the New York Auto Show takes place, a show that used to be more of a large regional gathering but has grown into a venue where car makers introduce new cars to the US and/or world markets. Like many photographers, judging from the forum posts on 'sharing pictures of your ride', I'm a bit of a car nut. The days that I longed to own a Ferrari are gone, but I still like to see cool cars and have fun when I drive.

The show starts officially on Saturday, but before the opening to the public, the Javits Center on Manhattan opens its door first to the media, then to dealers and then to those who bought special tickets. Yesterday was the first media day. Below a smattering of behind-the-scenes images.

Shooting the show on a public day will be more crowded and many expensive cars will be locked, but the real show cars will be on their own pedestals, so with a relatively wide-angle lens and some elbow work, you'd be fine. You might want to lower your exposure with your EV settings to dampen the highlights on the cars.

By John van Rosendaal

Mercedes is about to introduce a new hearse (actually, it's the new GLE class)

Security before the unveiling

Security before the unveiling

Awaiting the new Subaru STi

Mobile phone coverage

Cleaning, lots and lots of cleaning

McLaren unveils its cheapie model, the 570S, starting a little above $185k (and, no, photographers and cameramen weren't happy with that enormous burst of light as the sheets came off the cars)

Pure awesomeness from Ford

The car I actually want, the new 2016 Mazda Miata MX5

and, finally, some things don't change...

Pretty girls and pretty cars, courtesy of Alfa Romeo